Resource Parents are community members who step up and foster care when a home is no longer safe for a child or teen. The California Department of Social Services is currently sponsoring a campaign to find individuals and families who are willing to care for teenagers, who were removed from their homes and have been cared for in an intensive service therapeutic facility.

Children and teens in foster care

The teens have experienced some challenges. Some have faced abuse or neglect and some may have mental, behavioral or physical challenges that have made it harder to find a perfect home. California believes in the promise of all our young people and invests heavily in providing for all our young people and the resource parents who sign up to care for them. Each young person comes with an army of support. The caregivers are supported by specialists, experts, therapists and more to help them handle any challenges that may arise. Our goal is helping the young people find the support and permanency required to thrive as adults.


Sign up on this site by completing our inquiry submission form.


Attend a virtual information session or schedule a one-on-one consultation to learn about the specific teenagers in your community. There are kids in every corner of the state who need and deserve a chance to join a family. During the consultation we will share general information about some of the young people, while still protecting their privacy. This is a great opportunity for us to answer your questions.


If you decide to proceed, you will attend an orientation, complete an application, background check, attend the training classes (often virtually) and become an approved Resource Parent.


As you are approaching the completion of your required training, you may be introduced to the young person to begin to form a relationship. If it doesn’t feel right to you or the teen, we can help you find another young person who may be a better fit. However, if it’s a match, when you have completed your certification, the teen may move in with you.


The entire process can take about 90 days.