digital resource family recruitment 


We are currently in the process of planning phase two, a larger effort to support more agencies across the state. Phase two is scheduled for release in July of 2021. 

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Following is some information about how the pilot project operated. Please reach out to Kristy Macy ( for more information.

In early 2021, the California Department of Social Services partnered with Daley Solutions to provide digital foster parent recruitment services. 

The goal of the effort was to find homes for young people whose circumstances made it challenging to find a suitable home, while not compromising confidentiality. The program was open to both county and partner agencies. Interested organizations identified a youth or a category of youth (medically fragile, Probation, CSEC, ISFC, etc) and submitted the application and agreed to the criteria outlined below. More than 30 organizations participated including County Child Welfare agencies, Foster Family Agencies and County Probation Child Welfare agencies.


how to recruit foster parents


In order to participate, the county or partner agency agreed to:

  • Identify primary contacts to regularly communicate with CDSS and Daley Solutions.
  • Primary contact will participate in a  virtual orientation to ensure understanding of the process.
  • Commit to immediate engagement and follow through with individuals who have expressed interest in fostering the youth and becoming resource families.
  • Provide regular updates to CDSS and Daley Solutions about the status of inquiries
  • Have a plan to handle inquiries from those who seek resource family approval for children other than the ones being advertised.

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